Contributing to Nemo

Your contributation is always welcome :) If you would like to contribute to Nemo, please subscribe to our mailing list: [subscribe]. We have a Slack channel for active discussions. Join us on Slack by requesting for an invitation by sending an e-mail to dev@ after subscription.


Apache ID Full Name
bgchun Byung-Gon Chun
gwkim Geon-Woo Kim
gwlee Gyewon Lee
haeyoon Haeyoon Cho
hwarim Hwarim Hyun
jangho JangHo Seo
jeongyoon Jeongyoon Eo
jglee Jung-Gil Lee
johnyangk Youngseok Yang
jooykim Joo Yeon Kim
sanha Sanha Lee
taegeonum Taegeon Um
wonook Won Wook SONG
wylee Wooyeon Lee
yunseong Yunseong Lee