Class ParallelismProperty

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    public final class ParallelismProperty
    extends VertexExecutionProperty<java.lang.Integer>
    This property decides the number of parallel tasks to use for executing the corresponding IRVertex.

    Changing the parallelism requires also changing other execution properties that refer to task offsets. Such execution properties include: ResourceSiteProperty ResourceAntiAffinityProperty PartitionerProperty PartitionSetProperty

    Moreover, vertices with one-to-one relationships must have the same parallelism. CommunicationPatternProperty

    Finally, the parallelism cannot be larger than the number of source (e.g., HDFS) input data partitions. SourceVertex

    A violation of any of the above criteria will be caught by Nemo, to ensure correct application semantics.

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        public static ParallelismProperty of​(java.lang.Integer value)
        Static method exposing the constructor.
        value - value of the new execution property.
        the newly created execution property.