Class IgnoreSchedulingTempDataReceiverProperty

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    public final class IgnoreSchedulingTempDataReceiverProperty
    extends VertexExecutionProperty<java.lang.Boolean>
    A property represents that a vertex annotated with this property doesn't process any data and should be regarded as a kind of "marker" to construct a temporary edge that contains some data that have to be written before it's usage is not determined (e.g., for caching). The written data in the edge toward the vertex annotated with this property will be used when the usage is determined by using DuplicateEdgeGroupProperty. In that case, the edge will be regarded as a representative edge. Attaching this property makes runtime to not schedule this vertex.
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        public static IgnoreSchedulingTempDataReceiverProperty of​(java.lang.Boolean value)
        Static method exposing the constructor. This is used by reflection by the MetricUtils class.
        value - the boolean value. This is always true by default for this property.
        the new execution property.