Class PairDecoderFactory<A extends,​B extends>

  • Type Parameters:
    A - type for the left coder.
    B - type for the right coder.
    All Implemented Interfaces:, DecoderFactory<Pair<A,​B>>

    public final class PairDecoderFactory<A extends,​B extends>
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements DecoderFactory<Pair<A,​B>>
    An DecoderFactory for Pair. Reference: KvCoder in BEAM.
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Method Detail

      • of

        public static <A extends,​B extends> PairDecoderFactory<A,​B> of​(DecoderFactory<A> leftDecoderFactory,
                                                                                                                             DecoderFactory<B> rightDecoderFactory)
        static initializer of the class.
        Type Parameters:
        A - type of the left element.
        B - type of the right element.
        leftDecoderFactory - left coder.
        rightDecoderFactory - right coder.
        the new PairDecoderFactory.
      • create

        public DecoderFactory.Decoder<Pair<A,​B>> create​( inputStream)
        Description copied from interface: DecoderFactory
        Get a decoder instance.
        Specified by:
        create in interface DecoderFactory<A extends>
        inputStream - the input stream to decode.
        the decoder instance.
        Throws: - if fail to get the instance.
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object