Nemo Release 0.3

Jun 7, 2022 • Won Wook SONG

Release Notes - Apache Nemo - Version 0.3

Here’s a brief summary about the release:

  • This release fixes a few high-priority bugs in 0.2 and has a variety of smaller fixes.
  • The release also includes several major functionalities regarding stream processing and dynamic optimizations, such as dynamic task sizing, as well as implementation of the simulation scheduler.


  • [NEMO-351] - Empowering Nemo with fast I/O using Apache Crail


  • [NEMO-377] - Fix watermark emission when there are no outputs in GBKWindowTransform
  • [NEMO-411] - Bug in ScheduleGroupPass, OutputTag, DuplicateEdgeGroup
  • [NEMO-447] - Fix beam pom.xml to resolve build failure
  • [NEMO-457] - Improve test coverage score on sonar cloud test

New Feature

  • [NEMO-438] - Create a Simulator for Simulating an Execution of an Execution Plan


  • [NEMO-324] - Distinguish Beam's run and waitUntilFinish methods.
  • [NEMO-392] - Support combine in streaming
  • [NEMO-433] - Improvement of Task Metrics and Collecting Them For Sampling
  • [NEMO-439] - Upgrade current working version to 0.3-SNAPSHOT
  • [NEMO-459] - Enable Automatic Analysis for sonar cloud