Class IntermediateDataIOFactory

  • public final class IntermediateDataIOFactory
    extends java.lang.Object
    A factory that produces InputReader and OutputWriter.
    • Method Detail

      • createWriter

        public OutputWriter createWriter​(java.lang.String srcTaskId,
                                         RuntimeEdge<?> runtimeEdge)
        Creates an OutputWriter between two stages.
        srcTaskId - the id of the source task.
        runtimeEdge - that connects the srcTask to the tasks belonging to dstIRVertex.
        the OutputWriter created.
      • createReader

        public InputReader createReader​(java.lang.String dstTaskId,
                                        IRVertex srcIRVertex,
                                        RuntimeEdge runtimeEdge)
        Creates an InputReader between two stages.
        dstTaskId - the id of the destination task.
        srcIRVertex - the IRVertex that output the data to be read.
        runtimeEdge - that connects the tasks belonging to srcIRVertex to dstTask.
        the InputReader created.