Class LocalFileStore

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    public final class LocalFileStore
    extends LocalBlockStore
    Stores blocks in local files.
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      Block createBlock​(java.lang.String blockId)
      Creates a new block.
      boolean deleteBlock​(java.lang.String blockId)
      Removes the file that the target block is stored.
      void writeBlock​(Block block)
      Writes a committed block to this store.
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      • createBlock

        public Block createBlock​(java.lang.String blockId)
        Description copied from interface: BlockStore
        Creates a new block. A stale data created by previous failed task should be handled during the creation of new block.
        blockId - the ID of the block to create.
        the created block.
      • writeBlock

        public void writeBlock​(Block block)
        Writes a committed block to this store.
        block - the block to write.
        BlockWriteException - if fail to write.
      • deleteBlock

        public boolean deleteBlock​(java.lang.String blockId)
        Removes the file that the target block is stored.
        blockId - of the block.
        whether the block exists or not.