Class SamplingTaskSizingPass

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    public final class SamplingTaskSizingPass
    extends ReshapingPass
    Compiler pass for dynamic task size optimization. Happens only when the edge property is SHUFFLE. If (size of given job) is greater than or equal to 1GB: enable dynamic task sizing optimization. else: break. With attributes PARTITIONER_PROPERTY_FOR_SMALL_JOB: PartitionerProperty for jobs in range of [1GB, 10GB) size. PARTITIONER_PROPERTY_FOR_MEDIUM_JOB: PartitionerProperty for jobs in range of [10GB, 100GB) size. PARTITIONER_PROPERTY_FOR_BIG_JOB: PartitionerProperty for jobs in range of [100GB, - ) size(No upper limit). source stage - shuffle edge - current stage - next stage - source stage - [curr stage - signal vertex] - next stage where [] is a splitter vertex
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      • SamplingTaskSizingPass

        public SamplingTaskSizingPass()
        Default constructor.