Class XGBoostPass

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    public final class XGBoostPass
    extends AnnotatingPass
    Pass for applying XGBoost optimizations.

    1. The pass first triggers the client to run the XGBoost script, located under the `ml` python package. 2. The client runs the script, which trains the tree model using the metrics collected before, and constructs a tree model, which then predicts the 'knobs' that minimizes the JCT based on the weights of the leaves (JCT). 3. It receives the results, and in which direction each of the knobs should be optimized, and reconstructs the execution properties in the form that they are tuned. 4. The newly reconstructed execution properties are injected and the workload runs after the optimization.

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      • XGBoostPass

        public XGBoostPass()
        Default constructor.
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        public static void pushMessage​(java.lang.String message)
        message - push the message to the message queue.