Class IdManager

  • public final class IdManager
    extends Object
    ID manager.
    • Method Detail

      • newVertexId

        public static String newVertexId()
        a new operator ID.
      • saveVertexId

        public static void saveVertexId​(Vertex v,
                                        String id)
        Save the vertex id for the vertices that can be cloned later on. WARN: this should guarantee that the vertex is no longer used, otherwise, it would result in duplicate IDs.
        v - the original vertex that is to be cloned later on (RootLoopVertex's vertex).
        id - The IDs of the identical vertices.
      • getVertexId

        public static String getVertexId​(Vertex v)
        Used for cloning vertices. If an existing ID exists, it returns the unused ID, otherwise simply acts as the newVertexId method. WARN: the #saveVertexId method should no longer use the ID saved at that moment, in order for this method to work correctly.
        v - the vertex to get the ID for.
        the ID for the vertex.
      • newEdgeId

        public static String newEdgeId()
        a new edge ID.
      • setInDriver

        public static void setInDriver()
        Set the realm of the loaded class as REEF driver.